Filming for Edgar Wood has now begun…


Filming for Edgar Wood has now begun… it started on Thursday with the first tranche of shooting at the following Edgar Wood houses… The Sheil, The Hollies, Greystoke and Halecroft.

There will be another Hale shoot later in the summer. Next week, Anthony Dolan and crew will be filming at Briarcourt, near Huddersfield.

Banney Royd – online 3D model

Conservation surveyor and Edgar Wood specialist, Rupert Hilton, has made a superb 3D bird’s eye view model of Banney Royd, Edgerton near Huddersfield – Edgar Wood’s largest and most elaborate house. Rupert has studied the building in great detail over several years.


South Hale Conservation Area Appraisal completed

Trafford Council under the provisions of the 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act has approved…

  • SPD5.21 – South Hale Conservation Area Appraisal (March 2017)
  • SPD5.21a – South Hale Conservation Area Management Plan (March 2017)

The South Hale Conservation Area includes all of Hale’s Edgar Wood designed houses, including the Grade I listed Royd House. Continue reading “South Hale Conservation Area Appraisal completed”

Edgar Wood Centre repair and restoration scheme approved

The application by Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust for listed building consent (Ref: 16/01312/LBC) to restore the School buildings at Long Street Methodist was approved by Rochdale planning department on 7th April. The scheme was drawn up by Alan Gardner Associates last November, with assistance from Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust conservation officer, David Morris. You can see the approved restoration work by clicking the ‘Documents’ tab on the online planning file HERE 

This is part of the rescue plan for the buildings, which so many people supported last Autumn CLICK HERE and HERE . Detailed grant bids are now being drawn up and it is hoped that restoration work will begin late summer or early autumn.

Restoration of Edgar Wood’s Guardian Buildings – A Review

Before Restoration

An early Edgar Wood designed commercial building has  been restored by the Edgar Wood and Middleton Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) conservation scheme. The building was in a terribly mutilated state and its appearance is now a hundred times better than it was. The THI, which is superbly managed by Sue Oakley Rochdale MBC conservation officer, is warmly congratulated for its achievement. Bringing historic buildings forward for restoration is a slow and complicated procedure and one that doesn’t always bear fruit. Continue reading “Restoration of Edgar Wood’s Guardian Buildings – A Review”

The Edgar Wood Society at the Victoria Baths

The EWS were on hand in the men’s second class pool (now with floor) at the Heritage and History fair at the Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road. It was a good opportunity to engage with members of the public about EW and to meet other groups promoting their interests. After being closed for 24 years, if you would like a swim in the first class pool on Sunday 14 May then get your ticket by lunch on 14 April. Information is on the Victoria Baths web site.

Art in the Square – tile exhibition at Darmstadt Artists’ Colony

The third art nouveau event to report on this month is at the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony, famous for its wonderful art nouveau buildings. The exhibition mainly concerns art nouveau tiles and the centrepiece is a collection of English tiles, including designs by Wiliam De Morgan and tiles by Pilkington’s Tile & Pottery Co. See…

Article with more photos… (press the translate button);art679,2517814

Nb. The Mathildenhöhe Institute has a wonderful website, see…

BANAD – Brussels Art Nouveau Art Deco festival

The annual BANAD festival is all about Brussels’ art nouveau and deco heritage. It is now integrated into the city’s wider tourism drive and the following Guardian article and BANAD website give you a flavour of what has been on offer this year…

Bannad Website…

Guardian article –