Restoration of the Wesleyan School – Update

The Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust’s THI grant scheme to restore the Long Street Wesleyan School has been racing along these last few months, headed by architect, Lisa Mcfarlane of Seven Architecture. The finance is almost all in place, the work has been tendered and a contractor chosen. Now the final details are being nailed down.

Many thanks to all those working so hard on this, including Sue Oakley and Nick Barton of the THI, Christine and Geoff Grime of the trust and Middleton Heritage, John Miller and, of course, Lisa Mcfarlane.

Finance is very tight, so the Edgar Wood Society is planning a sponsorship scheme for the restoration of the leaded light windows. More on this later.

The Society with the THI are also looking at an historical paint analysis on the interior surfaces to work out what Edgar Wood’s original colour schemes were. Again, more later.

Watch this space for news!

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