Restoration Update – Windows and Windows

The site has been a hard hat restricted area for some time and a lot of work is going on behind shuttering and areas difficult to access, in spite of of the Beast from the East and now the Mini Beast form the East.What is visible is the repair to the window frames, more than 65 need repair, from total replacement, to sectional splicing. Most of the glass has been removed and the openings boarded. It is not surprising that the frames show signs of decay after 117 years, bearing in mind that many had repairs done in the 1975 refurbishment. What is less known is that much of the glass was replaced with a poly-carbonate, a new material that would stand the test of time and would not break! The later is true compared to glass, but the former is questionable. The images show, even though still boarded up, what a repair  and a lick of undercoat can do.  

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  1. Gill,
    Thank you for your enquiry, the rooms will be available for hire by community groups, for receptions and church use.

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