Redecoration well under-way – original Edgar Wood colours discovered

July saw a flurry of paint brushes as the restoration moved onto the redecoration of the interior.  Colour sampling by David Morris brought to light the original Edgar Wood colours for all but two of the rooms. The image above shows the original scheme for the Ladies Parlour which was painted in a William Morris style grey-green. The School Hall was found to have eleven coats of paint… at one time the walls were painted bright red/orange! Edgar Wood’s colour was pale blue making for a fresh and relaxed interior. See the coloured up photos below… the old colour scheme is on the left and the new one is on the right.David wrote various reports for Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust and its consulting architect Lisa Macfarlane. These explained the reasoning behind Edgar Wood’s original colours and how new colour schemes could be based on published the known interiors of other buildings. The reports have been collated together and can be downloaded.

Click here to download the report.

Below are some before and after images from the study. Click to enlarge. 



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