Middleton’s Arts & Crafts ‘Trinity’ and The Northern Art Workers Guild

Exhibition 2015 (3)The exhibition focuses on the three leading Arts & Crafts workers, Edgar Wood, Frederick Jackson and James Smithies. They grew up as friends in Middleton and in adult life took up architecture, painting and metal working respectively. Through the Northern Art Workers Guild, they continued to work together and alongside the finest craftsmen and women of England. Curated by Nick Baker. Wheelchair accessible.

UPON Reflection – by artist Colin Gilbert

The late Middleton artist and historian Colin Gilbert’s lifelong relationship with heritage is explored. The exhibition includes an enchanting video of Colin working in his studio by Andy Marshall who also curated the exhibition. Not wheelchair accessible.

EDGAR Wood (1860-1935) – Architecture in Middleton – by photographer Andy Marshall

An exhibition of photographs of Edgar Wood’s Middleton Arts & Crafts buildings, taken by Andy Marshall . The pictures bring out the varied textures, materials and architectural forms used by Edgar Wood. Partly wheelchair accessible.Save







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  1. I notice that Jocelyn Godwin has been trying to contact me (see his communication to your ‘Exhibitions’ reply page. His is dated 20th January 2020, and mine below his is dated 7th September 2017). I would be very pleased if you could publish my email address: hw@henrywillis.co.uk. If not possible, could you please let him have my email discreetly? We both appear to be researching the same Arts and Crafts silversmith.

    Many thanks in anticipation, Henry Willis

  2. I am interested by Henry Willis’s post of 7 Sep. 2017, because I am preparing a lecture about Andrea Pallis’s “Zodiac Rose” of 1934, and would very much like to include a photo of the “curious piece of silver” mentioned there.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your email. We are on with this and will get back to you soon.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi – I am currently looking to find out more about Walter John Pearce master of the Northern Art Workers Guild in 1903, we worked with stained glass mainly.
    Would you have any information on him as he must be a contemporary of those in your exhibition? There is a glass and tile WW1 mural that he did in Darwen east lancs which is under threat due to church closure, so any additional info could be helpful.

  5. Dear Henry,
    Thanks for contacting us. I have forwarded you email to one of our members. If, perchance, you don’t hear anything, let me know and I’ll chase it up. Best wishes, David (site admin)

  6. Good afternoon. I have a curious piece of silver which has two makers’ marks: one is James Smithies, and the other is Andrea Pallis of Liverpool. I would be most interested if you have any record of James Smithies as a silversmith. He entered his mark at Chester assay office in 1929, when he must have been fairly aged.
    If you would like to email me, I’ll be happy to send you a photograph.

  7. Hi Jon,
    Sorry about the late reply. Middleton’s Revolutionary Architect is not actually a booklet but a small display. It contains a number of Andy’s photos but the photo exhibition proper is hung in the school buildings adjacent the Arts & Crafts Church. There is also a guide leaflet on the Long Street Buldings plus a new Edgar Wood Middleton trail booklet. If you would like to visit the buildings, please let me know.
    Best wishes,
    David Morris

  8. Hello,
    I wonder if it’s possible to obtain a copy of the Middleton’s revolutionary architect booklet? Is this part of Andy Marshall’s photographic exhibition? If not, is there any way of seeing the pictures. I have a newish found interest in Edgar Wood,

  9. I am arranging a tour of Manchester for the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey in September 2016. We are a specialist group interested in everything to do with the Arts and Crafts movement. On Thursday, 15th, we are having a tour of the Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road. I would like to go to the First Church of Christ Scientist on Daisy Bank before this but have no contact details. Do you have any, please? On Wednesday 14th September, we will have a coach and will be going to the church at Marple and Bramhall in the afternoon. In the morning, I wondered if we could do a visit to Middleton to see the exhibition and key buildings. Would you be able to advise and help with this? How long would we need? I look forward to your reply.

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