South Hale Conservation Area Appraisal completed

Trafford Council under the provisions of the 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act has approved…

  • SPD5.21 – South Hale Conservation Area Appraisal (March 2017)
  • SPD5.21a – South Hale Conservation Area Management Plan (March 2017)

The South Hale Conservation Area includes all of Hale’s Edgar Wood designed houses, including the Grade I listed Royd House.

The principal effects of an area being included within a conservation area are as follows:  

  1. The council is under a duty to prepare proposals to ensure the preservation or enhancement of the area.
  2. Special publicity must be given to planning applications for development in the area.
  3. In carrying out any functions under the planning Acts (and, in particular, in determining applications for planning permission and listed building consent), the council and Secretary of State are required to take into account the desirability of the area of preserving or enhancing the character of the area or appearance of the area.
  4. Planning Permission is usually required to totally or substantially demolish buildings or structures within a conservation area.
  5. The extent of ‘permitted’ development is reduced, such as cladding, extensions to the side of the original dwelling or the installation of satellite dishes.
  6. Trees with a stem diameter of 75mm or greater, measured at 1.5 metres from soil level, enjoy a measure of protection if they stand in a designated conservation area. The Council requires six weeks written notice of any proposed felling or pruning of such trees, other than the removal of dead wood and the felling of dead and/or dangerous trees, which do not require notification.
  7. Certain categories of advertisement which have deemed consent under the Advertisement Regulations are restricted in conservation areas.

The Conservation Area Appraisal provides an assessment of special interest; an audit of heritage assets; an assessment of condition; and sets out a plan for further action. It also sets out the changes to the Conservation Area boundary. As a result of comments received to the consultations, amendments were made to the Appraisal and Management Plan.

The adopted Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plans are available for public inspection:-

If you require any further information please contact  the council’s strategic planning team by emailing, telephoning 0161 912 3149 or by writing to Strategic Planning, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0TH.


Arts & Crafts Awakening congratulates Rebecca Coley, Head of Trafford Council Planning and Development for initiating and overseeing this work. Rebecca likewise actively sought the conservation of Edgar Wood’s heritage when she worked for Rochdale Council planning department.


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