Restoration is ‘Go’ for the School Rooms at Long St. Methodist Church

Following delay after delay, the contract for the restoration of the school rooms has been signed and the contractors, Stone Edge will move in on Monday. All was confirmed at the meeting this morning. The photograph below shows Lisa of Seven Architects on the left , followed by Sue the Conservation officer managing the THI and Keith, Mark and Stuart from Stone Edge. Also in attendance were representatives of the Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust.

A press release appeared in today’s publication of the Middleton Guardian stating that “The Long Street Methodist School is Grade 11*, which means it’s in the top 5% of important historic buildings in the country”. Also when completed in 1900 by the famous Middleton born  architect Edgar Wood, “The design was ground-breaking at the time because it featured the Arts and Crafts style that EW was famous for, but also showcases the beginning of the Art Nouveau influence before this architectural style became widely popular.”

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  1. Good to see restoration of the fine buildings where I attended Sunday School and the Scouts, watched family members perform in Gilbert and Sullivan operas, and slept on ‘guard duty’ overnight before the Christmas Fair was held.

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